Car drivers should look out for us motorcycle drivers a little harder.

In other news, happy birthday to me.

Well, this was one hell of a day.

So anyway, last night I was on a night shift, finishing at 7am I stayed awake ready for the events that would take me up until now basically.

First off was something easy, that was just me heading into weston super mare to drop off the bike for it's service/MOT/restrictor removal. That was all well and good. What I had planned to do after that was going to take up a lot more time.

I ended up in London.

Well I had a great time while I was there, fun was had and the Borat movie that we watched together was supremely funny. I ate japanese, mexican and Chinese food and did a lot of chatting with tinkerbell1980.

So now I am back at home.

There has also been other things that have gone on in my life recently which I will put down here, but I will need to speak with other people about it first.

But after that, I will tell.

Sweet dream has by me

And who am I to disagree?

Basically, I just woke up from having the most excellent dream I can remember having in a long time. They say that you only dream for 15-20 minutes at a time, well I just had what seemed like an entire feature film. The basic plot was this.

Terrorist members in some foreign country are wishing to help train new members all across the world. They decide to do this by creating a website that is not blatantly about terrorism, but more about anarchism, with a hidden section which contains training methods. These methods tell people how to be stealthy, how to create bombs and create other subterfuge.

So the website is created and goes online, this is the last we see of the terrorists, wherever they are. Cue us now in merry old england. Here you have your usual 12-15 year old scrotes hanging round acting like arseholes to everyone. NOw after a little while of seeing what chavs normally get up to, they decide that they want to be a little more disruptive. They heard that they can find out how to make some cool stuff from household chemicals by looking online.

You can see where this is going already, but basically they find the website that I mentioned above. So after practicing what they see, we now have a group of chavs with a head filled with propaganda, knowledge of how to bypass security and creation of bombs.

They mess around with this, they don't go too mad but they create a little havoc around the town that they live in. Eventually, one of the group decides on the ultimate prank would be to break into windsor castle and grafitti the inside. So they start on a trek to do exactly that. Their actions have been noticed by the police, but they manage to evade them at one point, and also manage to steal one of the officers car which they then finished to trip to windsor castle in.

So they have broken in to the castle and messing about inside. The task force that has now been set up to catch the chavs has discovered where they are and also the website that they had viewed. they however make the wrong assumption that they are there to blow up the entire building.

The kids make their mark inside before seeing the cop cars approaching at a distance, the rush out and start running out over the fields in the opposite direction, looking like they are going to get away once more. The camera pans away and upwards way up into the sky where we see the fields surrounding the castle. It is at this point we see a rocket fired down to the ground towards where the kids are.

The rocket hits the ground with a thump, kicking up a little dust. You think that most of the kids will be alright, until there is the biggest explosion filling the screen. Killing not only the kids, but destroying everything within a 1 mile radius as well, including windsor castle.

Thats where the movie then faded to black, to be followed by another couple of kids, sitting at another computer screen.

It must be said that this movie was very much a dark comedy film. The way the kids were acting, the overreation of the police and basically all the other things were designed for comedic effect. Not slapstick, but some good humour in there.

Hopefully you have got the idea of the plot there, sorry about the narrative style but I wanted to get it down before I forgot it all.
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Got everything sorted for the USA trip.

Well that was it, managed to finally finish everything off with regards to the trip to the USA for Chris and Lenores wedding next year. It should prove to be a lot of fun.

You know I only just realised exactly how exhobitant I am being on this trip. I think I know that this will be my big holiday for years to come so I have gone all out.

8 Person Villa to myself - Check
Most expensive room on the cruise ship - Check
Cruising round Florida on a Harley - Check

The only thing I didn't go nuts on was the flight over there, mostly because Business class is so much more extremely expensive.

I am determined to have a good time while out there.

That, and finally solve the riddle of what the hell a "Blue plate special" is.

My elbow is famous for 15 seconds

If anyone want's to know what it looks like in the communications up here, well soon you will get your chance. We just had the video cameras round to do some pre-filming ready for their report on Operation Relentless which is going out on tuesday and wednesday next week.

They did an interview with the guy that is sitting right next to me today on how it all works, now I probably will not be in the shot, but you may see my elbow occasionally.


Fame, Fortune, Birds and Booze... Here I come.

It all happened so fast...

You know that rave I mentioned all of about 90 minutes ago, well about 5 minutes after I posted that it all went a bit pear shaped.

Started off with one of the people inside getting arrested, for what I do not know, but it appears that several other ravers inside decided that they didn't want that to happen to a fellow dancer so set upon the officer.

The officer deploys his CS gas inside, with all the fun that causes, an emergency button gets hit, bricks start getting thrown and people start getting onto the roof. We ended up having to get pretty much every single officer there was in Bristol down there to try and calm things down.

Well it's all under control now, all the people are out of the building and it all appears in order once more. That is until next week when they will likely do it all again.

Sat at work, bored

Here I am, sat at work and bored. It's a sunday morning, so there is little coming in to deal with. Good thing really as on sunday mornings, most of the officers have to deal with all the offenders arrested from the night before. Being the centre of Bristol, theres quite a number of them.

As for my colleagues, some of them on another district are having fun dealing with a rave which has been going on since about midnight. Only problem is there are about 400 of them at the rave, and few officers to deal with it, so the only thing we could do was watch and couldn't do anything to stop it.

That caused a fair few complaints from local residents I can tell you.

As for other things, I have to wonder why everyone I know, all seem to want to do something over next weekend. I am going to have to learn how to make multiple copies of myself so that I can actually go to all these places.

Something useful that may help in the future.

Recently a friend of mine lost their mobile phone. With peoples lives being the way that they are, losing a mobile phone can mean a big hole is left in their lives with numbers not being backed up, important texts now gone and so on.

Now something that is useful for people to do is go here.

This is a site that registers your IMEI number of your phone along with your personal details. How it works is that every time we get a phone handed into us, we search this database to see if the phone is on there. This way it can be returned to the owner as soon as possible.

Secondly, any mobile phones on prisoners are also checked to see if they hhave been reported as lost or stolen. We have found several stolen phones on people arrested for other offences this way.

It's free to do and it could mean that you get something back that you may not currently realise you rely so heavily on.

Feelin' OK now.

Dunno what was wrong with me over the past few days but I could just not stay awake for anything.

I got up feeling fine on Wednesday, a little tired as usual. Got on with some work that I wanted to do and after a couple of hours, just fell asleep again while in the middle of it. Normally when coming off nights this may not be too unusual but I fell asleep for about another 6 hours.

This pattern then continued for the next couple of days. Me waking up, managing to stay awake for about 1-2 hours, then falling asleep again for 6-8 hours. So in the past 3 days, I've been awake for about 10 hours in total. I just could not stop feeling tired at all.

Today however I have got up and I feel a lot better. The feeling of tiredness has gone and hopefully this means I am back to normal. Felt pretty strange to me as apart from the tiredness, I had no other ill feelings at all.

Maybe it was the Equinox that fizzybean was on about.
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