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Over the past week I have had some real difficulty sleeping.

For whatever reason it was I was just not able to get any more than 4 hours a night, if that. There were some nights where I was getting no sleep at all.

finally over the weekend it caught up with me. Early on sunday morning I got home from the LAN at chocojon's place and went to bed as normal. Going to sleep around 3am, I awoke at about 7am with the horrible thought that this was going to be another day of me walking round in a daze. however I soon fell asleep again and stayed that way for abot another 12 hours. Finally catching up on that sleep I had so desperately been looking for.

Last night was also much the same. Got to sleep about 9pm, much earlier that I would have normally and managed to get that most wonderful of feelings. namely the one where you wake up, look at the clock and realise you have woken 5 minutes before the alarm was going to be going off.

But even better still, after a couple of moments I realised that I had read the clock wrong and that it was actually 1 hour before I had to get up. That meant another hour of being in my nice warm bed.

As for the weekend I had a great time at the LAN. Jon went above and beyond the call of duty with regards to keeping all the visitors to the LAN content and happy. I wish I had been able to make it back on the Sunday as I had a fantastic time there. Alas due to my sleeping so late it was a little too late to return.

I also have to thank him for returning my computer to me yesterday. I feel a little guilty as I was not at home at the time when he had done this. I cannot convey exactly how glad I am that Jon is my friend. You really do far too much to keep people happy. I shall repay you with a treat sometime soon as a way of saying thatnks for everything. (almost put that I would pay you in kind, but didn't thankfully.)

Also finally, another great show by air_bizket and his band at the Fleece on saturday. Shame that I didn't get to see you until the end as I was called out to assist with a female having an epileptic fit outside the place. But i shall be there for the next one as always.
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