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Yesterday was a good day

Had a real good time yesterday doing many things which I enjoyed.

It all started at 1am. I was staring outside of my bedroom window, up at the moon through the clouds and thinking what a wonderful looking night it was and how great it would be to get on my bike and experience the evening and the beauty that can only be seen in the dead of night.

So I did.

Started off by doing the country roads to yatton, then went to Bristol, went round all the various districts there, went up towards the downs before heading towards Lawrence Weston, then onto the A403, where I ended up in Severn Beach and I took several photos of the bridges that you can see from there. I was amazed how much like daytime a photo can look if the exposure is long enough.

I then started thinking about where to go next, which is where I really started noticing the Severn Bridge, thinking how daft it would be to now head off into Wales. Of course, anyone that knows me would know that if I think that, then I must do it. So on my bike I got and into Wales I went.

A fantastic ride that I had and didn't return home until about 4:30am.

As for the rest of the day, I got down the gym and had a great workout and swim. I have decided that my goal will be to one day swim the entire length of the pool, while staying under the water the whole time.

After going to the Gym, I went to chocojons place, where I met another of his friends called Tal. I must say I had an excellent evening in their company, I felt like I got on really well with Tal and I do think that I have found someone there that could be a lot of fun to be around. The three of us went out in the evening to try out this new pasta place as recommended by fizzybean and goddesssnoweh, only to find it unavailable due to a private party going on.

So we decided to try out that sushi place on Baldwin st instead, which I have been intending to go to for ages. Met up with Sam and Rob and had a great and tasty meal together. After that it was back to chocojon's house where it was time for me to go.

All in all, a great day and has really rejuvinated me. I met a great person who I think will be the cause of a lot more fun and experiences in the future. I went to places I have not travelled to on my bike, I ate somewhere that I had not done before and I look forward to more days of the same.
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