Tsietisin (tsietisin) wrote,

Something useful that may help in the future.

Recently a friend of mine lost their mobile phone. With peoples lives being the way that they are, losing a mobile phone can mean a big hole is left in their lives with numbers not being backed up, important texts now gone and so on.

Now something that is useful for people to do is go here.


This is a site that registers your IMEI number of your phone along with your personal details. How it works is that every time we get a phone handed into us, we search this database to see if the phone is on there. This way it can be returned to the owner as soon as possible.

Secondly, any mobile phones on prisoners are also checked to see if they hhave been reported as lost or stolen. We have found several stolen phones on people arrested for other offences this way.

It's free to do and it could mean that you get something back that you may not currently realise you rely so heavily on.
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