Tsietisin (tsietisin) wrote,

Sat at work, bored

Here I am, sat at work and bored. It's a sunday morning, so there is little coming in to deal with. Good thing really as on sunday mornings, most of the officers have to deal with all the offenders arrested from the night before. Being the centre of Bristol, theres quite a number of them.

As for my colleagues, some of them on another district are having fun dealing with a rave which has been going on since about midnight. Only problem is there are about 400 of them at the rave, and few officers to deal with it, so the only thing we could do was watch and couldn't do anything to stop it.

That caused a fair few complaints from local residents I can tell you.

As for other things, I have to wonder why everyone I know, all seem to want to do something over next weekend. I am going to have to learn how to make multiple copies of myself so that I can actually go to all these places.
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