Tsietisin (tsietisin) wrote,

Got everything sorted for the USA trip.

Well that was it, managed to finally finish everything off with regards to the trip to the USA for Chris and Lenores wedding next year. It should prove to be a lot of fun.

You know I only just realised exactly how exhobitant I am being on this trip. I think I know that this will be my big holiday for years to come so I have gone all out.

8 Person Villa to myself - Check
Most expensive room on the cruise ship - Check
Cruising round Florida on a Harley - Check

The only thing I didn't go nuts on was the flight over there, mostly because Business class is so much more extremely expensive.

I am determined to have a good time while out there.

That, and finally solve the riddle of what the hell a "Blue plate special" is.
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