Tsietisin (tsietisin) wrote,

Sweet dream has by me

And who am I to disagree?

Basically, I just woke up from having the most excellent dream I can remember having in a long time. They say that you only dream for 15-20 minutes at a time, well I just had what seemed like an entire feature film. The basic plot was this.

Terrorist members in some foreign country are wishing to help train new members all across the world. They decide to do this by creating a website that is not blatantly about terrorism, but more about anarchism, with a hidden section which contains training methods. These methods tell people how to be stealthy, how to create bombs and create other subterfuge.

So the website is created and goes online, this is the last we see of the terrorists, wherever they are. Cue us now in merry old england. Here you have your usual 12-15 year old scrotes hanging round acting like arseholes to everyone. NOw after a little while of seeing what chavs normally get up to, they decide that they want to be a little more disruptive. They heard that they can find out how to make some cool stuff from household chemicals by looking online.

You can see where this is going already, but basically they find the website that I mentioned above. So after practicing what they see, we now have a group of chavs with a head filled with propaganda, knowledge of how to bypass security and creation of bombs.

They mess around with this, they don't go too mad but they create a little havoc around the town that they live in. Eventually, one of the group decides on the ultimate prank would be to break into windsor castle and grafitti the inside. So they start on a trek to do exactly that. Their actions have been noticed by the police, but they manage to evade them at one point, and also manage to steal one of the officers car which they then finished to trip to windsor castle in.

So they have broken in to the castle and messing about inside. The task force that has now been set up to catch the chavs has discovered where they are and also the website that they had viewed. they however make the wrong assumption that they are there to blow up the entire building.

The kids make their mark inside before seeing the cop cars approaching at a distance, the rush out and start running out over the fields in the opposite direction, looking like they are going to get away once more. The camera pans away and upwards way up into the sky where we see the fields surrounding the castle. It is at this point we see a rocket fired down to the ground towards where the kids are.

The rocket hits the ground with a thump, kicking up a little dust. You think that most of the kids will be alright, until there is the biggest explosion filling the screen. Killing not only the kids, but destroying everything within a 1 mile radius as well, including windsor castle.

Thats where the movie then faded to black, to be followed by another couple of kids, sitting at another computer screen.

It must be said that this movie was very much a dark comedy film. The way the kids were acting, the overreation of the police and basically all the other things were designed for comedic effect. Not slapstick, but some good humour in there.

Hopefully you have got the idea of the plot there, sorry about the narrative style but I wanted to get it down before I forgot it all.
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