Tsietisin (tsietisin) wrote,

Well, this was one hell of a day.

So anyway, last night I was on a night shift, finishing at 7am I stayed awake ready for the events that would take me up until now basically.

First off was something easy, that was just me heading into weston super mare to drop off the bike for it's service/MOT/restrictor removal. That was all well and good. What I had planned to do after that was going to take up a lot more time.

I ended up in London.

Well I had a great time while I was there, fun was had and the Borat movie that we watched together was supremely funny. I ate japanese, mexican and Chinese food and did a lot of chatting with tinkerbell1980.

So now I am back at home.

There has also been other things that have gone on in my life recently which I will put down here, but I will need to speak with other people about it first.

But after that, I will tell.
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