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Tsietisin's Journal

Sunday, April 30, 2006

4:09AM - Note to budding criminals

How to avoid getting caught lesson number 1)

Once you have committed a crime, dont call us to tell us about it.

I couldn't believe it when I got the call. Person calls up saying that they drove their car home but were drunk while doing so. They hit into a parked car while doing so and then made off. Also during the course of the conversation it appears that they have neither a licence nor insurance.

Seems that they wanted to call so that they could get the address of the owner of the car that was hit so that they could pay for the damage. How nice of them

Also how nice of them to provide their name, address, details of their car and where they currently were.

It's good to know that there are still stupid criminals in the world.

Current mood: tired

Thursday, April 6, 2006

3:21PM - Hi my name is Jon... and I am a compulsive gambler.

Today was not a good day, today I had a relapse, a big one.

It started off so simple, I went into town to buy a coffee maker, sort out some mail, see my mother and then go home. Somewhere along the way I ended up in William hill. Normally a situation like this is not a problem for me, however this time I had some money for Boy racer landlord on me, quite a lot of it.

I started playing the roulette machines, and playing, and playing until all the money I had on me was gone. Where it would have normally stopped there, I ended up doing something I have not done in a long time. I went to the cashpoint, drew out more money, and continued playing.

So much so that the 20 minute trip to the shops lasted 5 hours and cost over £500. I am not feeling to great right now.

You may wonder why I am writing this down. It's partially because I must not escape and deny my addiction. It is helpful for me to tell others about what I am going through, get it out in the open rather than try and come up with some grand scheme to sort out my life which I have just fucked. As was my usual way of dealing with it.

But at the end of this message comes a request. Because of what just happened I am going to have to stop all gambling altogether again. If any of you sees me in a casino, amusement arcade, pub fruit machine or similar... I give you full permission to physically drag me away using whatever force necessary. If you see me heading towards a machine looking like I will play, stop me there and then.

I have had to deal with this addiction for the best part of 13 years now and I know it is never going to go away. I shall take this most recent occourance as a lesson that needs to be learned. Hopefully I can restrain myself next time.

Current mood: depressed

Friday, March 3, 2006

5:27PM - you should all know this tune.

And dammit, I want it stuck in your heads as well.


Thursday, February 16, 2006

9:15PM - Thanks to everyone over the past couple of days

This is a message to all the people that have messaged me over the past couple of days. It has been hard but you have all really helped me during this difficult time.

I should be back to my usual irrelevant self soon.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


1970 - 2006

Dad's just come round to tell me that this morning at 4am, my sister died when her breathing stopped due to complications caused by her MS. Right now, I don't even know what to think.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

3:34PM - Now thats all done, I can relax.

Some people take holiday off work to do nothing at all. I am one of those kinds of people. However for the past week and a half I have been rather busy helping out friends.

moving, stag do's and marriageCollapse )

Internet fame for 15nsCollapse )

Friday, October 14, 2005

11:27PM - Big things coming up.

Well it appears that my seventh sense was in full usage many months ago when I booked my time off work.

This is my last night at work until the 6th of november. Yep I have the next 24 days off of work :)
However in discussion with Boy Racer landlord, It appears that suddenly a lot of this time is filled up for a number of reason, mostly to do with him.

Firstly, He is moving house soon. Really soon. In fact he is moving in 5 days time. Normally this would not be a problem, were it not for the fact that he is taking the washing machine and fridge freezer with him. Cue much buyage of stuff for kitchen so that we can keep our various foods fresh and our clothes clean. So theres a few days gone with helping him move, getting the rest of the stuff out of his house, getting the new white goods installed, etc.

Now moving house is one of the most stressful things that you can do, so why not double up on that stress by getting married at the same time. Well thats his plan and some 5 days after moving house, He is getting married. He sprung that one up on me quick. Thing is, he is wanting me to be the best man at the wedding. So now I have to arrange the things that a best man has to do, all with no knowledge of how to be one. So thats a few more days spent planning, arranging and organising the stag do, actually having the stag do, making all relevent calls for the wedding and attending it, the stag do and the reception.

Add that on to the other things I want to do during the time off, like meeting up with other friends, Jons LAN, rearranging rooms in the flat and other such things, means that I am probably going to end up doing more work than if I had been at work.

BTW, anyone know how to be a best man?

Current mood: scared

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

3:24PM - Want to be in a music video?

One of my mates is a Music video director and is looking for extras for his next video.

First off, so that I weed out a few of you, there won't be any payment for it, but maybe a few seconds of fame out of your 15 minutes allowance as it will be shown on the various music channels (MTV2, Kerrang, Etc)

The band is called Seven years dead, My mate describes them as a cross between Metalhead and Metallica.

Will be filming at the Bierkeller on the 6th november.

If your interested, more details (and an MP3 of the tune) can be found here.


Monday, October 10, 2005

7:30AM - Computer problems

Recently started building a computer for a woman at work. Only a cheap thing but I think I have just learnt the reason for not buying the absolute cheapest components.

Built it so far as its basic components - Still working.

Installed the operating system - Still working..

Copied over all user details from old computer - Still working...

Moved over all useful components from old computer - Still working....

Install Printer and other useful software - Still working.....

Restart it so that I can get temperatures from BIOS - Totally dead.

So now I am looking forward to an evening of swapping components around to get something that works.

Oh and dont worry air_bizkit I'll still be coming round tonight.

Current mood: Wondering

Sunday, October 9, 2005

7:53AM - It should be illegal

Getting up at 0530hrs on a sunday morning should not be allowed. Im sitting here drinking many coffee based beverages desperately trying to wake myself up.

My only hope is to get some time off this afternoon as I am so shattered.

And yes, it does appear that I only seem to update my LJ while I am at work.

Current mood: tired

Friday, September 30, 2005

12:09PM - There was damage after all

I did an even more thorough check on my bike today and discovered that there was damage from the crash.

a small 1/2 cm long scratch on the very end of the exhaust, barely noticable. I think when I put my bike in for the service following my major smash this time last year, they must have made it invincible.

Shame i'm not the same.

In other news, I'm at work and bored. Now all I have to decide is whether I should go out later and buy the new DS game that came out today. Namely Castlevania.

Current mood: content

Thursday, September 29, 2005

12:11PM - Sickening Crunch

As I was about to come home last night from air_bizkit's place, I was reversing my bike to get it onto the road.

Thanks to the extremely heavy rain that was occouring at the time, the bike slipped out of my hands and landed heavily on its side. Added i'm sure by the fact that I had only recently topped it up with petrol.

Seeing your lovely bike rocking from back to forth after hitting the road is never a good sight. So I picked it up and thankfully it started when I asked it to. Gave it a quick check over to make sure that it was ridable and made my way home.

Checking it over today, I cannot see one single scratch on it its an absolute wonder. If only the same thing had happened when someone pushed it over a year ago when it needed some £200 of repairs just to make it ridable again.

Current mood: surprised

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

5:24PM - Define Embarrasment....

So i'm sitting at work when an officer calls up for a PNC check.

I do the usual, when he says to me "surname is 'Kuryakin' spealt the usual way" (names changed for data protection purposes... Seriously)

Anyway, not knowing the usual way of spelling the surname, Go out over the radio asking him to spell it.

He comes back "well its the usual way K. U. R. I..... actually hang on, I'll go check."

The bad thing was that I then went back over the radio and said to him rather loudly...


oh dear, my geek lifestyle is going over into real life, this is not good.

Monday, September 19, 2005

10:48AM - Tsi's gaming news.

Two things on my recent gaming that I would like to talk about.

FahrenheitCollapse )

My Sony PSPCollapse )

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

11:29PM - The Ebay drinking game

I mentioned this drinking game earlier to chocojon and he wondered how it was played.

Anyway, a brief rundown of how to play possibly the most exxpensive drinking game ever.

1. Find an ebay auction with at least 1 bid already shown and where the value is around £5 ish.

2. you then nominate a value between 1 & 5 inclusive.

3. YOu place a bid on that auction to the number of pounds higher that you just nominated. (i.e. if the bid stands at £4, and you bid 3, then you place a bid of £7

4. Once your bid has been placed, you then see if you were immediately outbid by the person that had already bidded. If you were outbid, your opponent drinks the same number of shots as the number you nominated, if you are the highest bidder, you drink the shots.

A great game, can get very expensive, but you can end up with some really quite amazing crap.

Friday, August 26, 2005

1:38AM - Whats the best way to celebrate getting your finances in order.

Blowing a load of cash on new computer equipment of course.

Decided that it was time that I needed some new computer equipment to bring myself up to date. So hunting around on the net tonight I have decided to get hold of a fwe items.

I've decided to get an Athlon64 3500+, Asus A8N motherboard, PSU and SATA HDD. Combined with the components from my old machine I should have something nice to play with.

Of course you know the reason why I did this was because the computer could really do with a nice fresh install. It's always nicer doing a fresh install on a brand new machine. Means I get to feel excited by how few times the bar goes across while loading windows and stuff like that.

Plus the other good thing is it was only £5 more for a saturday delivery. How sweet is that. Otherwise I would have had to wait until tuesday, thats like forever.

Current mood: content

Monday, August 15, 2005

5:58AM - Hey you've found the villa

To many those words mean nothing, but to me they represent a moment of life which was quite quite strange.

Those were the words that started off a telephone chat line to which I ended up being a member of staff. Browsing the web today brought it back into my mind. Events from 10 years ago.

Before the internet became really popular, this was one way of chatting. Listening talk radio (talksport before its name change) this was one of the first (and very few) adverts on the station. So like a curious boy of 18 might do, I dialed the number.

but how did this work?Collapse )

Current mood: nostalgic

Saturday, August 6, 2005

5:01AM - Damn its been a busy night.

Bleurgh, Been a busy one here at work. Not so much with the amount of jobs that we have had to do, but more with what kind of jobs they were.

Managed to grab myself a few minutes to update my journal.

Not quite sure what I am going to update my journal with. Not much really happened over the past day. I slept, I watched Andromeda (still trying to get my head round series 4&5), I ate (a lovely chicken and mushroom pasta dish), played far to much WoW than is healthy (but did gain 2 levels), Did some basic repairs on the bike (much easier to ride without the chain slipping) and have come to work (where I have also managed to secretly listen to several George Carlin comedy albums).

Only a couple of hours until I go back home where I will be hoping to get to sleep before the bright sun starts pouring in through my windows.

I tell you, 5am is the worst part of the night shift. The time when you body is screaming at you to jsut stop what your doing and go to sleep.

119 minutes to go

Thursday, August 4, 2005

12:35AM - Hmm, this is strange

Yesterday I was complaining about our agressive internet policy at work here.

for most sites, I have to acknowledge that I want to visit them. There are some that require no such authorisation, such as the MEND website and google.

However, it appears that along with Play.com (i can really see the business use in that one) that livejournal has been accepted into the allowed sites.

sweet. Makes my life easier.

Current mood: content

Tuesday, August 2, 2005



Decided to take a risk today and start viewing LJ at work. Kinda dangerous due to our aggressive monitoring policy which barely allows me to visit any site if it contains even a hint of swearing.

Heck it even kicked me off gamefaqs because someone mentioned the word pr0nography.

Heres hoping

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